Make a statement with our stand out grazing tables.

Our grazing tables are tailor-made, so we give you exactly what you want. No cookie-cutter expectations or cheap fillers – instead you get award-winning cheeses, melt-in-your-mouth charcuterie, in abundance, and perfect pairings with a whole lot of sexy styling.

Blatchford’s Kitchen grazing tables always showcase the essential staples we believe are necessary to create a unique, wholesome and stunning grazing experience:

A selection of premium quality Australian and European cheeses – double brie, washed rind, camembert, truffle pecorino, aged manchego, mature cheddar, goat cheese, marinated feta. Selection will also include rare cheeses we have sourced at the time of booking to surprise and delight you and your guests.

  • A selection of speciality cured meats – Prosciutto Casalingo salami, Fennel soppressata, spicy coppa, lonza, smoked mortadella. All meats are sliced on-premise either the day before or on the day of, your event.
  • Locally baked bread and an assortment of premium crackers – bread rolls, sourdough, olive and garlic bread, fig and walnut bread, fruit and nutcrackers, lavosh crackers. 
  • Fresh seasonal fruits – grapes, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, figs, passion fruit, pears, cherries, plums, peaches (dependant on seasonality and availability)
  • A variety of dried fruits and nuts – muscatels, dates, pear, apple, cranberries, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, almonds, pecans. honeyed nuts 
  • Variety of dips, cheese accompaniments and fruit pastes – homemade hummus, homemade eggplant, garlic, taramasalata, caramelised onions, pickled baby figs, fruit jam, honey, quince/fruit paste, rolada
  • Variety of antipasto accompaniments – olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pickles, artichoke, feta filled peppers, balsamic eggplant, herb and garlic marinated mushrooms, caper-berries, mustard
  • Sweet treats – chocolate, Turkish delight, nougat

We can customise our spreads to include additional food such as quiches, sliders, frittatas, gourmet sausage rolls, gourmet pies, falafels, wraps, sandwiches etc. We also offer dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options.

We shop locally for seasonal produce to guarantee in-season freshness, as such, produce is subject to change. We also like to introduce variety and excitement into our grazes by incorporating new and delicious elements, meaning no two grazes are ever really the same.


We quote our grazing tables from $45 per person basis for all listed inclusions – a minimum of 30 people required. In light of COVID-19 restrictions, we have reduced group numbers to 30 people.


We offer a Free delivery service to the Northern Beaches Local Government Area. Higher delivery charges apply to other areas and weekend travel.

We require a 50% deposit (non-refundable) at the time of booking and full payment one week ahead of the event date. 


We offer two styling options for our Blatchford’s Kitchen grazing tables:

  1. One level free-flowing grazeFor this setup, we will arrive at your venue and beautifully display the produce on waxed paper without the use of props or the need for us to return and pick up any items.
  2. Designed with Props. This creates elevation and depth (additional styling fee).

Using a variety of our props, we’ll create a distinct and unique table design through height and statement pieces to bring intrigue to the grazing experience and the WOW factor to guests.

Cheeses will be beautifully decorated and displayed on wooden pieces. Grazing accompaniments will be beautifully laid out in bowls and our luxury cheese knives and cutlery included for serving. The table will be decorated with candles, candle stands and a selection of our accessories. 

 Styling options:

  • Rustic – wooden pieces with stands and accessories.
  • Beachy-white washed boards, blue striped table clothes, nautical-themed crockery, vases & driftwood styling. 
  • Bohemian – brass props with decorative antiques such as terracotta vases and timber pieces 
  • Custom – we can source additional props to compliment the theme/colour palette of your event. This may incur additional charges

 Styling fee:

Small Graze +30people :$220

Medium Graze + 60 people $320

Large Graze: +100people $580

All boards, serving equipment and display items must be available for pick up, hand washed and clean, for Blatchford’s Kitchen within 2 days of your event. We will prearrange a time to pick up items. Depending on the distance a fee will be charged. Any items damaged or misplaced will incur a replacement fee. Refer to our terms and conditions. 


We strongly recommend to include florals and foliage when assembling your table. We can supply this at an additional cost or work with a supplier of your choice.

  • Small Graze +30 people :$160
  • Medium graze +60 people: $320 Large Graze +100 people $580


Set up can take between two to three hours depending on the grazing table’s size and the extent of styling required. The setup time accounts for time to greet our clients, unload the car, set up props & display foods. 

 We can staff your Grazing Table for an additional fee of $55hr for one attendant. They will be responsible for unpacking the table washing all boards, props & general clean-up of the grazing tables.